Learning Paths

This online library of book summaries has over 280 book/article summaries, and it is constantly growing. To make the library more manageable for new readers, I have decided to create Learning Paths.

Each Learning Path consists of series of book summaries on a specific topic. Each book is presented in an order that is designed to make your learning experience easier.

Want to get smart fast?

Read one book summary each day in the order presented below. In about the amount of time it takes to consume your favorite beverage, you will learn more about interesting topics than any other way that I know of.

Start with the Foundational Learning Paths and then move onto topics that interests you. When you are done try to branch out into new topics. Even topic that does not seem very interesting to you at first just might open up a new area of understanding for you. Reading widely will give you an intellectual range far beyond most people.

Once you figure out which books you like, please support the author by buying their books.

Foundational Learning Paths

Below is a list of Learning Paths of what I consider to be the most important Learning Paths. They will teach you the foundations that make all the other topics more understandable.

The Foundational Learning Paths are presented in their recommended reading order:

  1. Progress
  2. Cultural Evolution
  3. Biology in Human History
  4. Geography in History
  5. Agriculture & Food Production
  6. Society Types
  7. Energy
  8. Why Did Europe Get Rich First?
  9. Industrial Revolution
  10. Technology
  11. Innovation

Other Learning Paths

Once you have completed all the of Foundational Learning Paths, you can go through the following additional Learning Paths in any order.

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