Most Popular Book Summaries of 2021

I am really excited how fast traffic to this website is growing. It is growing 30-50% per month without any advertising! I am glad that so many people find the content of interest. I am particularly happy that so many readers live in developing nations, who might not otherwise be able to afford to purchase these important books.

Below is a rank-ordered list of the most popular new book summaries that were posted in 2021 (you all have excellent tastes!):

  1. “Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know” by Bailey and Tupy
  2. “The Box: How the Shipping Container…” by Marc Levinson
  3. “Alchemy of Air: … the Scientific Discovery that Fed the World” by Thomas Hager
  4. “Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World” by Niall Ferguson
  5. “Trust: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity” by Francis Fukuyama
  6. “The Age of Wood” by Roland Ennos
  7. “Lineages of the Absolutist State” by Perry Anderson
  8. “Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity ” by Pluckrose & Lindsay
  9. “Scale: The Universal Laws of Life…” by Geoffrey West
  10. “Why Europe Grew Rich and Asia Did Not” by Prasannan Parthasarathi

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Enjoy reading!

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