Read my new book “From Poverty to Progress”

I recently published my new book: “From Poverty to Progress: Life is so much better than it used to be, and here’s why“.

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Today we seem to be overwhelmed by crises. Everywhere cynicism, negativity and pessimism dominate the media and politics. This dark view, though widely held, is based on false perceptions.

Michael Magoon presents a compelling new vision that opens our eyes to the positive changes that are taking place all around us. He shows us that life is so much better than it used to be, and he explains why. Magoon has a PhD from Brown University and more than twenty years work experience in the Technology sector, giving him a unique perspective on our society.

Magoon gives us answers to some of our most challenging questions:

  • Does progress exist?
  • What causes progress?
  • Why were societies of the past trapped in poverty for centuries?
  • How did a few societies escape the trap to create progress that benefitted the masses?
  • Why do inequalities exist today?
  • How can entire nations seemingly left behind for centuries suddenly transform themselves within one generation?
  • How can individuals make choices that increase their chances of enjoying the progress that surrounds them?