Article Summaries

This page contains summaries, ratings and quotes of important articles related to the themes of this blog. Most of articles are fairly dry reading for most readers, but they still make important points that are of interest. Rather than read the article, you can read my short summary instead!
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Historical roots of economic development

“How Deep are the Roots of Economic Development?” by Spolaore & Wacziarg
“Was the Industrial Revolution Inevitable? Economic Growth over the very Long Run” by Charles Jones
Was the Wealth of Nations Determined in 1000BC” by many
“The European Origins of Economic Development” by Easterly & Levine

Technology, Innovation and Diffusion

“Technology as a Complex Adaptive System” by Fleming & Sorenson
“An Exploration of Technology Diffusion” by Comin & Hobijn
“The Diffusion of Development” by Spolaore & Wacziarg
“Long-term Barriers to the International Diffusion of Innovations” by Spolaore & Wacziarg
“Five Facts You Need to Know about Technology Diffusion” by Comin, Hobijn & Rovito
“The Pace of Cultural Evolution” by Charles Perreault

Human Networks

“Why Copy Others? Insights from the Social Learning Strategies Tournament” by many

Comparative development of east Asia and Northwest Europe

Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run by Angus Maddison
The Early Modern Great Divergence by Broadberry and Gupta