Introducing my new YouTube channel

As many of you already know, the Ratchet of Technology website is a bit of a “side job” for me. I primarily write books on progress, history, public policy, technological innovation and economic growth.

My first book is From Poverty to Progress: Understanding Humanity’s Greatest Achievement. It explains the origins of progress, the causes of progress, how progress works and why some nations enjoy more of it than other. You can buy e-books and audiobooks at a discounted price at my author website, or you can pay full price on Amazon.

My second book, Promoting Progress: A Radical New Agenda to Create Abundance for All, will coming out later in 2023. You will be able to purchased prerelease copies at discount from my author website. You can also pre-order e-books from Amazon.

To get out the message of progress to a wider audience, I have recently launched the From Poverty to Progress YouTube channel. It will cover a wide variety of topics, but the topic that is most relevant to this website is an ongoing series of book reviews.

The first book that I review is the single most popular page on this website:
Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know by Ronald Bailey and Marian Tupy.

Check it out!

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