Thank you, readers!

We are coming the end of the year and the holiday season. It is a great time to look back on our progress so far.

First of all, I want to give a huge “Thank You!” to all of you that have been reading my posts. The site has been growing very fast with no end in sight. Since this August, views and visitors have almost tripled. This is very exciting and actually a great surprise to me.

I started this site by posting book summaries that I wrote during the research for my book From Poverty to Progress: How Humans Invented Progress, and How We Can Keep It Going. I had about 1000 pages of notes that I wrote over the course of 5 years to help me remember the main points of each book.

After I published my book, I thought to myself: Maybe there are some other people out there who could also benefit from these summaries. I know that most people live busy lives and reading through entire books is very time-consuming. I believe that we need a better way to get more knowledge out faster. I have also been pleasantly surprised as to how many authors of these books have also been supportive. I guess that they like free advertising!

I would also like to make a request to all of you. Please share these book summaries on social media. I deliberately do not spend time on social media, so that I can focus my time on reading, writing books and posting book summaries. Particularly if you have your own blog, Facebook group or Twitter account, I would appreciate you sending me a little online love!

Thanks again, and let’s hope the number of people who find these book summaries useful keeps growing.

Happy Holidays!


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